Birch - Ibata touching up paintings in Transformer Space (Square), 2019  .jpg


My work consists of large scale figurative oil paintings and small scale intimate drawings that delve into the anxiety of pursuing a better future that all the while feels out of reach; generation after generation feeling one false step away from getting caught in the critical gravitational pull of the “the system”, be it the prison industrial complex, systemic unemployment - underemployment, a resignation to being cast aside by society, and yet the burning pursuit that being an underdog can produce in individuals who have to fight their way from the supposed bottoms of American society.

My technical focus through these concepts is portraiture and genre painting because in constructing a scene or face I find there to be a great scene of intimacy and confrontation with the human condition that I am challenged to navigate pictorially.

As an artist who has grown up and come of age in and around the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, the simultaneous contrast of wealthy and poverty has always been unsettling. Case in point, when entering the city from the 295 highway and throw 3rd Street Tunnel I comes upon a shelter for the homeless equidistant on both sides from the United States Capitol building and the National Gallery of Art. Growing up constantly exposed to such extremes has always played a role in my thought process as an artist and as a human being.

As an artist I have found myself right in between these two worlds in the Nation’s Capital. There are the statues and monuments which project this reverence for America’s history and achievements but the underbelly of its history is dark. I find myself somewhere in the gray observing and reproducing in paint/conte the colors the produce the complex spectrum.